The 1993 movie classic, The Sandlot, is getting a reboot as a television series for a whole new generation to enjoy! If you've ever heard someone say, 'You're killing me Smalls!' It's from The Sandlot!

You may wonder why I'm bringing this up. Often inspiration strikes me in the middle of the night. It occurred to me early Tuesday morning, that as the owner of mastiffs, like the one in the movie, called 'The Beast,' it would be fun for us to enact our own version of The Sandlot here at the radio station. After all, we have the drooly dog, the fence, a baseball, and the requisite sense of humor. So, I sent a quick note off to Jay Whatley, our resident expert when it comes to all things video.

Imagine my surprise when we finally got the chance to talk yesterday and I found out that he had NEVER SEEN THE MOVIE!!! Say what? That's like saying you've never seen Star Wars or Pitch Perfect. Are you an alien life form? How is that even possible? So I decided to pose the question to my friends on Facebook. If you find out that someone you know hasn't seen a movie classic, one that you consider a 'staple,' does it make you a little suspicious of them? And what movies fall into that 'staple' category? I think you'll find the results pretty hilarious!

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