Governor John Bel Edwards urged Louisianans to add a COVID vaccination to their hurricane prep list last night. Obviously, we have hurricane season upon us, and many of us have shifted our attention from COVID-19 to hurricanes. Before our attention shifts completely Governor Edwards debuted the "shot for a shot" campaign.

The "shot for a shot" campaign allows Louisianans to show their vaccination cards at participating bars in the Bayou state in exchange for a free drink. The Governor debuted the initiative from the capital on Thursday night. He said, "Please kick off the summer with a refreshing beverage while also supporting our local restaurant and bars,". Although this sounds great, have we forgotten what CVS is doing? Or what about the great state of Ohio?

In case you don't know what went down in Ohio, they have a Vax-a-Million contest where Ohio residents can win $1 million dollars. In fact, a second winner was just announced. All we get in Louisiana is a free drink? I'm a big girl, I need at least 6 of those to start feeling hyped.

Here are some suggestions I have come up with, I think it's way better than a "shot for a shot" campaign. Hear me out, Governor Edwards.

Season passes to watch the Saints. People get tattoos of their favorite team, surely they will be all about a seasons worth of free games.

A week-long all-expenses-paid stay in New Orleans. From my beignet in the morning to my hand grenade on bourbon to the hotel I go rest my head on at 2:00 a.m., I want it all to be paid for.

An unlimited supply of meat pies from Natchitoches. Have you ever had a meat pie from Lasyone's? That in itself will drive many of us to the vaccine line. If they had meat pies at the vaccine line I am pretty sure we would all try to go through the line twice.

A crawfish boil for me and my closest 100 friends. Can we get a Louisiana brewery to throw in free beer too? I personally think we have all missed crawfish boils, why not have one big ole party to celebrate getting the vaccine?

Although I wish Louisiana could fork out a bunch of cash for residents who choose to get the vax these are some options that I think Governor JBE could pull off.

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