We found out yesterday that LSU head coach, Ed Orgeron, filed for divorce from his wife, Kelly, who he was married to for 23 years.

That got us thinking. What if Coach O was the next bachelor like on the popular TV show? Could you imagine dat? We can see it now. ABC presents: The Cajun Bachelor!

Twenty five lovely Cajun women with names like Sue, Clotile, and Audrey all trying to win the affection of the hunky national champion football coach from the bayou.

Of course, all dates wouldn't need an interpreter because all the ladies understand him fine, but for the rest of the country, closed captioning will be a must.

You know the host would have to be, of course, Troy from Swamp People!

Swamp People
Swamp People (Youtube)

Group dates would include running crawfish traps and squirrel hunting! If those gals are lucky to get a one-on one-date, they would get a romantic ride down the intracoastal canal with the shrimp smell in the air while they try and reel in a monster redfish.

Instead of having a rose ceremony, Coach O would ask the ladies to accept a link of boudin to stay in the competition.

Staff Photo
Staff Photo

Now, as the competition comes near the end, could you imagine the hometown dates? The ladies would bring Coach O home to meet the whole krew,  including der momma and daddy and all their cousins, Tauntes and Noncs.

Imagine if, let's say, Audrey makes it to the end. She brings Coach to her house for a big ol' crawfish and crab boil where the backyard is all fancied up tables with newspaper on them and ol' uncle Clebert boiling the crawfish and getting drunk as heck.

Getty Images
Getty Images

The finale would be Coach O on the 50 yard line at Tigers Stadium getting down on one knee on the Tiger eye to propose. Then, the Golden Band from Tigerland would strike up playing the fight song as the entire football team carried Coach O and his new fiancée off the field.

I think we are on to something!

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