Everybody has their favorite 90's cartoon, and everybody who chooses something other than Dexter's Laboratory are wrong.  But, this is America - so technically, everyone's entitled to their opinion.  Just like everything else we love and hold dear, the internet is keeping tabs on this in phenomenally detailed ways.  By dissecting that data, the folks at Stream Notes have determined the most popular 90's cartoon in every state.

It looks like I'm in the minority in Louisiana when it comes to animated favorites of the Power Rangers era.  Out of all of the 90's cartoons, the Bayou State loves Dragon Ball Z the most.

Texas and Arkansas alike enjoy the cartoon series Recess with their Saturday morning Fruit Loops.  Dexter's Laboratory lovers seem to congregate in North Dakota.  The Saturday morning scientists that put the data together used Google Analytics and data from IMDB to determine the favorites.  Check out the entire list here.

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