Telling kids little white lies is normal. Some truths are just to difficult to understand as a child, and some truths can ruin that childhood spirit. That and who has the time to explain how fish breathe underwater.

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One of the biggest white lies my mother told me was that I was Irish. I know it sounds weird. Let me explain. When I was younger I was embarrassed of my red hair since it made me "different" from the other kids. I would also get picked on because of it. My mother told me to be proud of my red hair because I was Irish and not to worry what other kids said. I didn't know the truth until I was in High School.

According to Buzzfeed, a guy named Dan Walker, works for BBC, went to twitter to ask what little white lies people were told when they were kids.

He got some really interesting results.

Seriously, this poor guy! Let's all take a moment for his childhood.

That is just to name a few of his responses. He got 339 comments and close to 140 retweets.

My mother also told me that cokes were "dookie water" so that I wouldn't ask for a sip. My child brain saw straight threw that lie and asked for a sip any way. It then became an inside joke within the family.


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