I don't know why I watch it, but if 'Jaws' is on tv, I watch it. Back when it was released in the mid 70's this movie changed my life.

My family vacationed at the beach nearly every summer. Sometimes we would go to Florida, other times Mississippi or Alabama. You would often find me out in the waves riding them in to the shore. I have always been a good swimmer and never thought twice about going out as far as I could into the Gulf of Mexico. But after this terrifying movie, I have a few new rules about going into the water. I will go out about waist deep (rarely), but there always has to be someone out farther than I am. I don't want to be the closest meal to the great whites! And I don't stay out too long. I'm out there just long enough to get wet and then it's back to the ankle deep waters. What movie changed your life?