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What skills make a man a "manly man?" We surveyed Shreveport-Bossier and got some interesting responses. Off the top of my head, I'm thinking a man is someone who takes care of his family, both emotionally and physically. A man is also trustworthy, honorable, and possesses good character and integrity.

To put these answers in context, you have to take a look at the meme we used below to frame the question. Clearly, we were expecting some humorous answers, but I was personally surprised by the depth of some of the responses. Check 'em out!

Jeremy Morris
The old-timers passed on to us that we should be able to do anything necessary for our family. While I agree with this some of those things took time for me, which caused unnecessary anxiety in life.

Jeff Leon
I am by no means mechanical... but I can change wiper blades, oil, and tires on my own.

Greg Laffey
I have changed my own. But it’s really an overrated experience. I’m good with letting someone else do it, and I’ve still been able to father two children...😎

Jason Kirkland
If you cannot back up a trailer, turn it in

Peter Ziello
Anything I am teaching my son about how to take care of things will be taught to my daughter as well.
What makes a man, a man? Knowing when he is wrong and responding with kindness or just keeping calm.

Tony Rice
"If you don't start doing for yourself you'll learn nothing in life." That is what goes through my head when I read things like this.

George Nicholas
Wiper blades on any truck, Ford, Chevy, Dodge, GMC, man. Wiper blades on Prius, no.

Sinjin Britt
being able to think rationally, act rationally, and take responsibility for those actions.

What makes a man, a man? Is it really wiper blades?

Posted by Erin Bristol on Thursday, April 22, 2021

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