From turning regular iced tea instantly sweet, a southern superhero has unique characteristics that just wouldn't be appreciated anywhere else. Let's face it, we march to the beat of a different drummer in the south, but I wouldn't change a thing... even if that means that we claim Bobby Joe and his overalls with hidden pockets and contraptions that make him a combination of Mr. Gadget and Batman!

I first started thinking about this when I saw the topic come up on the It's a Southern Thing Facebook page. Their followers had some amazing ideas, but what did they miss? I'd love for you to add your ideas below in the comment section!

A southern superhero...

1. Can start a fire with anything. Who cares if the wood is still wet and the humidity is sitting at 95%?

2. Can cool off hot car seats with a twitch of their nose during the heat of summer.

3. Can conjure a casserole in the blink of an eye for whatever occasion it's needed for from births, to death, to illness and basically any day that ends in 'y.'

4. Can embroider or monogram every inch of her and her children's clothing with a single glance!

5. Can fix anything that ails you with twine, duct tape or a glue gun.

6. Can still wear huge hair and a full face of make up in the middle of the summer while smiling and saying, 'Bless your heart.'

7. Can use our slow southern draw to placate and disgruntled Yankee.

8. Can spin a tale better than Mark Twain, Stephen King and Nora Roberts combined!

9. Can win a beauty pageant on Friday night and be in the deer stand by first light with the boys.

10. Can spit tobacco juice into a bottle from 5 feet. Never mind, that could never happen.

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