As someone who didn't grow up in this area I'm still confused as to what exactly Mums are. And I'm sure anyone else who didn't grow up in Louisiana or Texas can agree! So what exactly are Mums?

Mums started off very simply as a flower or a chrysanthemum that a guy would give to his girlfriend for homecoming. But then around the 1970's they started becoming larger and more elaborate, some with lights and things to make them standout. They've become a huge moneymaker for people costing upwards of $600 at times!

While Mums are for girls that doesn't mean guys have to be left out. Guys wear what's called a garter which is an elastic band that they wear on their upper arm. Some of the garters have ribbons that hang from them but not usually as long as Mums.

I've learned from going to the football games and living around it for several years now that you don't really have to get Mums. They're a great tradition! I just wish they weren't so expensive. Check out Mums from our area below.


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