It’s Ash Wednesday and that means the start of the Lenten season, so many people will be lining up to get their share of seafood over the next 40 days.

Chairman of the Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board Chalin DeLaune says the supply of Louisiana oysters and crawfish is excellent.

“Crawfish have been great so far, the size is a little on the smaller side but for the most part production is good, strong and we’re expecting a great crawfish season.”

But DeLaune says unfortunately the crab harvest is struggling in Louisiana, as there is a 30 day closure on commercial crabbing.

“We need to venture off to the neighboring states and get some crabs from them. Plenty of people, and I myself, are bringing in crabs from other areas so when there’s a will, there’s a way.”

DeLaune also says shrimp is on the downside in the Bayou State this season, as the size of the prawns are relatively small. He says the size is perfect for a soup or gumbo but not so much for a boil or to fry.

“Pink Shrimp coming in from Tarpon Springs, Florida area and you’ll probably see some of that hitting the market. Unfortunately we are having to source a little bit of shrimp from our neighboring states, as well.”

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