When I was a kid, I was deep into Masters Of The Universe. I wanted every character, every playset, every accessory known to Eternia. One year for Christmas, I begged my parents and Santa for Castle Grayskull, the home of He-Man. Being that I was a child, and my parents and Santa weren't up on all the lingo, I asked for the He-Man house.

On Christmas morning, I rushed to the tree and found a big box. I just KNEW it was Castle Grayskull. I ripped open the paper to find, not Castle Grayskull, but Snake Mountain, home of Skeletor, arch nemesis of He-Man. I was crushed. Since I have grown up, I've realized that my parents probably had to save up to get me that Snake Mountain, and my attitude toward it at first was probably a little...ok a lot...bratty. That being said, to this day, I still want Castle Grayskull.

While I was pondering my want for the He-Man house, I wondered if there were any presents that people in the office felt the same way about, so I went on a little walk through the halls asking people.

What did you want for Christmas as a kid that you never got?

Bristol - Jelly shoes.

Ginger - The Barbie Wonder Castle with an elevator and lights.

Greg Atoms - The Batman Forever Batcave.

Amy Keller - A horse.

Amy Bloxom - Also a horse.

Robin - An Easy Bake Oven.

Julie - A puppy dog.

Jackie - Brand Name clothing.

Chelsea - The Talkboy Tape Recorder as seen in Home Alone (her sister got it instead...she's still a little bitter)

I don't feel so alone now that I know there are other adults that still think about how they got gypped on Christmas.

Comment below on something that you always wanted but never got.

Until then, here's the commercial that started it all for me....