Now that we're heading into phase one of COVID-19 restrictions, I'm dreaming of getting back to normal and watching football this fall... LSU football! What would you give up to not only see the Tigers play this fall, but to see them in Death Valley? I asked, with some hilarious results!

It turns out that we take our football seriously in Louisiana... As in more serious than I already thought we did! One friend offered up a leg, as in an actual limb, several offered up kids, spouses, and even sweet tea! You've got to see some of these answers!

Elissa Larremore said she'd give up, 'My kids...j/k! After lockdown I could use a little break even if for a weekend.' Yes, her babies! Bubba Hattaway said he'd give up women! But that's just the beginning! Charles Hawkins said he'd give up tacos to be in the stands of Death Valley to watch his Tigers play... and it's a TUESDAY! Who give up tacos on Taco Tuesday? Lunatics, I tell ya!

I'm just starting. Trey Thames says he'd go without Gordon McKernon ads. Jason Kirkland says he'd give up hunting AND fishing. The blasphemy!

Believe it or not, the women seem like they're even more hardcore LSU fans than the boys! Freida Lum says she'd actually give up sweet tea?!??! Surely, she was joking! Leslie Knox writes she'd give up wine, her Amazon Prime membership, her Amazon Firestick, and her shoe collection. That seems over the top to me, but she takes her Bayou Bengals seriously. Christine Burgess said she'd give up Dr. Pepper. That's like screaming a cuss word right in the middle of church extreme! But I'm not done. Sharron Reeves Strawn went so far as to say she'd go without chocolate... and the worst?!?!? Tracey Burnes Justice said she'd give up MAKEUP! What kind of criminally insane southern woman does that?!?!? A diehard LSU fan, that's who!

If you liked those examples, you'll love the rest of them! Especially the one where Julie McCoy offers to give up the one and only Gary McCoy;)

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