Last week, we brought you news of Whataburger offering decorations for your Christmas tree and for your front yard display. Well, this week, we get news of an addition to those holiday decorations, a Whataburger nutcracker according to

Oh yes, this nutcracker comes in the usual orange and white Whataburger colors while holding a Whataburger cup. No word if the cup is large or medium size.

There's not much in the description on, so it's hard to say if this nutcracker can actually crack a nut. But nonetheless, for $39.99, this will make a great gift for the Whataburger nutcracker enthusiast in your life.

Plus, it will look great with the Whataburger themed ornaments and inflatable Santa. The ornaments carry the theme of the stickers for your custom ordered Whataburger while the Santa is popping out of a Whataburger cup.

There are all kinds of other gifts for the Whataburger fan in your life, check all of them out at

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