Brittish songstress, Adele, and her boyfriend Simon Koneick are expecting their first child in Septmeber, but Adele is having an unexpected craving. Most moms-to-be have cravings of strange food. But, Adele has been taking an interest in country line dancing! According to a source of The Sun Adele has taken line dance classes and purchased line dancing instructional DVD's. So, why line dancing? The source says that after spending so much time in the States Adele has a love for country music, and thought taking the class would be good for a laugh.

Most moms turn to yoga for a little extra fitness, but I think it's great that Adele is choosing line dancing for her fitness routine. I remember back in middle school, we would learn line dancing during gym class when it was raining.

My advise Adele, stay away from the Watermelon Crawl. Not the best choice when it feels like you already have a watermelon in your belly.

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