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Kids can say the darnedest things... they can also ask some really hard to answer questions, too. There's a reason why we have the saying, 'Out of the mouths of babes!'

With that being said, what's the hardest question you've had your kiddo ask you? From the hard questions to the hilarious, Shreveport-Bossier sounded off!

My buddy Mike Coe gave an awesomely thoughtful answer on his theory on how he answers his kids' questions say, 'I think the hardest questions come when the child's true intuition and pure curiosity intersects with YOUR instinct as a parent to be true and kind to them. For instance, when you have to fib a little to prove a point and the little gremlin will crawl up on your lap and ask you "is that really true, Dad?"... Honesty is so important in relationships of pure trust. I find those questions to be hardest because you can easily undermine yourself if you aren't careful, but you need to be kind to those little hearts.' Isn't that beautiful?

Naturally, we got some funny answers as well. Keith Gary said his young'n asked, 'What were you and mommy doing when I walked in?' Oops! And this is one of those situations where you don't want your kid to lie, but to exercise some tact. Here's what Donna Sutton's kiddo did, 'We were in a waiting room when a woman came in and walked up to the desk. My son loudly asked, “Why does her shirt say Natural Beauty?” Before I could tell him to hush, he loudly said “That must not be her shirt.”'

Loren T. Elwell is no fool. He skips the hard questions all together saying, 'That’s an easy one, tell them to google it. Back in the day your mom would say go ask your dad and your dad would say go ask your mom lol' That's right, the classic pass the buck option.

What's the funniest question your kid ever asked that left you stumped? How about the most thought provoking? Read some of the amazing responses in the post below, make sure to add your own thoughts and as always, feel free to give me a follow!

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