Katy Perry is more bold and vibrant than ever in Covergirl's new commercial, flaunting her vivid makeup in cotton candy hues of pink, purple and blue. In addition to showing off the Super Bowl phenom's flawless beauty, the 43-second spot also features a fun song that has a lot of fans wondering if the track is a new one by Katy herself. What's the song?

Sorry, Katy Cats, while the super upbeat track sounds like a new Katy Perry song, it's actually the insanely addictive 'Take Me Away' by Clooney. While the band is a little hard to locate on the Internet (probably because their name turns up a lot of search results for some other famous Clooneys we know), it's clear from their Facebook that this is not the first time one of their tunes has been on TV -- in fact, their songs have appeared everywhere from 'The Vampire Diaries' to 'Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition.' Pretty cool!

Check out Katy Perry's CoverGirl commercial above, and listen to Clooney's 'Take Me Away' in full below!

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