Frankenstein Friday is celebrated each year on the last Friday in the month of October. This year it falls on Friday, October 25, which is six days before Halloween, that falls on Thursday. Why are we celebrating the Frankenstein monster?

According to Holiday Insights, this day was created by Frankenberry cereal. You might remember seeing the commercials on television during the saturday morning cartoons.

The "Franky Award" was created by Ron MacCloskey and is given to someone who has made an outstanding contribution to help promote Frankenstein. It might be a little late now, but you can try and win the award for next year by starting your planning earlier.

Don't confuse "Frankenstein Friday"  with "National Frankenstein Day" which is on August 30, a day to honor Mary Wollenstone Shelley who wrote the book "Frankenstein". Shelley was born on August 30, 1797 and wrote the book in 1818.

In 1816, Mary Shelly was visiting friends in Switzerland, the weather became stormy forcing everyone indoors. To overcome boredom, they told ghost stories and that gave her the idea to write the book.

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    I, Frankenstein - Official Trailer

    There is a new Frankenstein movie coming in January 2014 and you can watch the Official Trailer below.

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    Frankenstein Starring Boris Boris Karloff

    Actor, Boris Karloff is best known for his role as the monster in the 1931 version of 'Frankenstein'.

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    The Song 'Frankenstein' by the Edgar Winters Group

    "Frankenstein" was a rock instrumental by The Edgar Winter Group from their album "They Only Come Out At Night" and went to #1 in 1973.

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