President Trump says he’ll be back in Louisiana before the November 16th run-off to rally support for Eddie Rispone, but it’s still unclear as to when, or where that will be.

LSU-Shreveport Poli Sci Professor Jeff Sadow says don’t expect the President to arrive any time soon. He thinks Trump will be in town sometime after the November 9th early voting period ends.

“(Trump will be here) that last week, or probably somewhere near there to maximize the impact and not let the energy or enthusiasm dissipate,” says Sadow.

The President’s last visit to the state was an October the 11th primary eve night trip to Lake Charles.

Sadow says there won’t be early voting period visits from the President because the kinds of people who early vote don’t really need any more encouragement, and usually can’t be swayed.

“People who vote early have somewhat different characteristics from the rest of the electorate. They are going to vote anyway, and have probably already made up their mind, and did so long ago,” says Sadow.

Vice President Mike Pence made a trip to Baton Rouge Monday, but it wasn’t a rally, it was a $5,000 a plate fundraiser for Rispone.

Sadow says assuming the President visits sometime between November 9th and the 16th, the Commander in Chief is likely to hold court in north Louisiana, “In an effort to ensure that those Abraham voters cross that divide and end up voting for Rispone.”

President Trump has a 52 percent approval rating as of Monday’s JMC Analytics poll.

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