What does the placement of your Christmas tree say about you?

If you're like me (and a LOT of other people) and you place your beautiful Christmas tree in the front door, you're doing it all wrong.

According to certified Feng Shui (pronounced "fung shway") expert, Carol M. Olmstead the front door is the one place you want to avoid when decorating your home for Christmas.

Avoid placing your tree near the front door, known as the “Work/Career Area,” because it will drain energy from your career. If you must place the tree here be sure to keep the water reservoir full. Decorate the tree with blue lights and decorations and blue/black patterned tree skirt to help bring water energy into balance.

So, if we're not supposed to put our tree in the most visible area of our home, where should we place it? Olmstead's blog post titled "Where Should I Put My Christmas Tree?" suggests the upper left-hand corner of the home.

Placing your tree in this location will attract wealth and prosperity into the house.

I don't know about for you, but for me, the upper left-hand corner of my home is the master bedroom and that simply won't fly. Neither will some of the other suggested corners that would place the tree in my studio and guest bedrooms.

One suggestion seems to contradict Olmstead's suggestion to avoid the front door, but I think I'll take her advice on placing my tree in the center of the home (which is also the front door area.)

If you place the tree in the center of your home it will fill your entire house with good holiday spirit because this is the “Grounding/Balance” area of your home.

Where is your tree placed in your home? Where was it placed when you were a kid?

Check out the meaning of the placement of your Christmas tree and other tips for prosperity here.

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