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2020 has been a trying year. There's no doubt about that. So, we here at 96.5 KVKI wanted to do something cool for the holidays. We paired up with our good friend Brittany Shepherd Realtor to 'Light up the Ark-La-Tex'. We challenged everyone in the area to submit pictures of their Christmas light displays.

And, to be perfectly honest, you guys went above and beyond! We had over 50 entries from all over the area. We got videos. We got whole photo series. We saw a little bit of everything. But, one thing that is 100% for certain, everyone's homes and displays were just incredible. So much so our judges and Brittany Shepherd had to take a few extra days to pick our $500 winner.

Before we announce our winner, we do want to give out a few honorable mentions. While none of these folks garnered enough votes to win the grand prize, their displays are still pretty awesome and worth pointing out:

Katrina Evans
Jeromy Harris
Jeremy Nehls
Jenny Milligan
Kirby Jarrell
Fernando Riordan
Steven Davis

You can check out all the awesome entries below.

Now, it's time to announce the winner. This person will win $500 from Brittany Shepherd Realtor. This is a web post, so we can't really do sound effects here...so just imagine a drum roll in your head......

Listener Submitted Photo
Listener Submitted Photo

Our grand prize winner is none other than Kim Johnson of Bossier City! Congrats Kim and thanks to everyone who participated! You filled all our of hearts with Christmas Cheer! We saw everything from decorated houses to decorated goat pens. Thank you so so much! Merry Christmas from Brittany Shepherd Realtor and 96.5 KVKI.

Light Up the Ark-La-Tex Entries

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