Don't pee in the pool. It's only a suggestion. In fact, while I wish people wouldn't pee in pools, especially mine, they simply can't help it. It's a natural reaction. This past evening as the temperature was dropping with the setting sun I was standing in my pool contemplating this question.

Okay, let me explain, I have really bad knees and the cold water helps me deal with the swelling and inflammation. That's the only reason I could think of why any idiot would be waist deep in water with the temperature in the lower 50-degree range. As luck would have it as soon as I stepped into the water I  needed to get back out. I had to urinate.

It's funny how when it's your responsibility to clean the pool you will get out of the pool to go pee. Now, back to the question about why you have to pee as soon as you hit the water.

It doesn't matter whether you just "went" or haven't really had anything extra to drink, your brain will tell your body " we need to tighten things up, we're getting colder". The process is called vasoconstriction. It means the body is constricting the blood vessels in hopes of keeping the body's core temperature warm.

It's that constriction that creates a phenomenon known as cold diuresis. The constricting blood vessels literally squeeze the piss right out of you.

If you've ever had to change the diaper on a baby boy you've probably experienced the geyser of urine that occurs just about the time naked flesh has been exposed to the ambient air for a few minutes.

Sometimes that's a very personal bonding experience with your child and it requires a towel or maybe even a shower after the diaper has been changed and the baby put back down.

So, according to science, we are hard wired to pee in the pool. Just remember that as we approach the Summer months and you're tempted to have a personal moment despite the presence of others it's only natural. Unless you are visiting at my house, then it's disgusting.

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