I have been a fan of Pink since I was a young girl. I was obsessed with her Misunderstood album, and I played Family Portrait over and over. She has a way of being completely honest and real with her music and her most recent album is just another example of why she is the perfect role model for young women.

Pink has said that she doesn't like to give the background story to her songs and wants the audience to feel and relate to each song in their own way. So this breakdown of the Beautiful Trauma album what I personally believe each song means and those opinions have some influence based on video interviews that are listed below.

With that being said- I personally believe that this album is a great listen for young women.  This is because of the topics she hits and the message she is getting across in each song.

Now lets start breaking it down:

Beautiful Trauma

No one is perfect and that is perfectly fine. We are going to make mistakes- that is what makes us human. Own your mistakes and find your rock in this world and move on.


People are going to make you mad. So mad! People can really suck, and yeah.. that's life. BTW this song is a great drive and chill song. (AND Eminem is on it!)

Whatever You Want

Being stubborn can cost you a relationship. However, knowing what you want out of a relationship and life is important. With that being said you can't let that be a downside to the relationships with people around you. Every relationship takes work. If it is the relationship between you and your boo, your family, your friends- they take work. You have to be willing to do the work to keep those relationships.

What About Us?

Don't be afraid to stand for what you believe in and question authority- especially the government. Take a stand and let your voice be heard.

We Lost It

Love will come and go. Even the strongest relationships can become we and break. Hold on to who you are even when you feel that it is all over. You are tough and resilient.


I wasn't expecting this song to hit me as hard as it did. This song is about, in my opinion, being fed up with being an adult. Having to be that strong and focused person who handles their mess is exhausting, and sometimes you just want to be a kid again. Unfortunately, we don't get to do that. However, it is okay to just be human and let yourself be upset, mad, and fed up. You grow up and you deal with life. Enjoy every moment while you have them. There will be moments when you "want to go back to playing Barbies in your room".

Where We Go

Life will have its ups and downs, but go with the moment and don't waste it.

For Now

Your actions and words define who you are. Be careful with what you say and do because we can't take words back, nor our actions. As a reoccurring theme in this album- we are humans and we make mistakes.


We all have our secrets. We make mistakes. Don't live your life in lies. They will break you down. Don't be afraid to own up to your mistakes.

Better Life

Self criticism can tare you down. You will doubt your self. You will doubt your relationships. You will doubt the choices you have made in life. You can't let that get the best of you. Everyone experiences ups and downs, but don't put yourself down. Don't under cut yourself.

I Am Here

Be 100% you. Do some soul searching. Figure out who you are and love every once of it. Never let anyone tell you differently. Own the moment and own your presence.

Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken

By far my favorite song on the album! It is honest and true. This song is a political statement for the women in the U.S. This song is another call to stand for what you believe in and letting your voice be heard. YOU ARE RESILIENT.

People will try to shake your spirit, take your freedom, push you down. Don't surrender. Stand for what you believe in and don't back down.

You Get My Love

Sometimes you will feel less than. You will feel shame. You will criticize yourself and say the meanest things that you would never say to anyone else. However, you are still worthy of love and worthy to share it. I feel that this song is a great representation of how a significant other can remind us that with all of our issues (we all have them) we are capable of giving and receiving kindness and love. And with that you will hurt others. You will hurt the ones closest to you, but never forget to tell them how much they mean to you.

Personally, I feel that each one of these songs hits on a theme of growing up and seeing the world for what it is that is why I think young women should listen to this album. Pink has a way of creating emotion and a dialog while also keeping your head bobbing. If you haven't listened to it yet, you should.