Had I been born earlier, I would have marched for women's rights, but all too often in this day and age, women are our own worse enemies when it comes to be taken seriously.

I don't call myself a feminist. Why? Because of all all the negative connotations. I not only shave my armpits, I wear a bra and make up. I also don't object to men opening doors for me or calling me 'baby.' However, I am pro woman all the way, but ridiculousness like this is what hurts the cause.

Right now, women's issues are front and center thanks to Harvey Weinstein and the like. This is the time to help those who don't understand sexism how rampant it actually is. Sexism can be both overt, as well as very subtle. That's not the reason I'm writing this though. I'm writing this because of a story I heard about it in England. A woman is protesting the story of Sleeping Beauty. Why? Because she thinks it's giving kids the wrong idea about 'consent.'

This is right up there with Beauty and the Beast and Stockholm syndrome. If we ban everything that could potentially offend, aren't we teaching our kids not to use critical thinking skills? I played with Barbies and watched Disney princess movies my entire life and I certainly don't wait around for Prince Charming to come save the day. I can change my own tire, thank you very much!

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