There are a few shows that I am currently binge watching. There is Wild Wild Country on Netflix, because I am obsessed with cults. Not in a way that I would join one, but more of a psychological perspective. I am curious why someone would join a cult. Then there is the Bold Type on Hulu, which is a fun show about 3 young women taking on their dreams and pursuing careers in New York City. Then there my obsession with The Handmaid's Tale.

My love for this show started when it first premiered on Hulu. Each episode had me on edge and I couldn't get enough. I have fallen so far into this world that I have started reading the book. I am about half way through, and even though I know what is coming up next I am glued to every page just as I am glued to the screen.

If you haven't seen the show- the United States has been taken over by a group of people who have a new set of laws tied to religion. Women are no longer aloud to read, which is just one of the many rules to make women's lives "easier". Some women are Marthas who are maids. Some women are wives. A select few of the women are handmaids who will bring forth the next generation since their is a new plague that has caused a shortage of babies.

You follow June's story and her fight against Gilead, the new nation. Through June I have realized that people can endure some really horrible things and still have a fire within themselves to keep going. This new world does everything to bring her down, but she strives forward anyway. June gives me hope.

In this show I have seen some really crazy things- things I didn't know people were capable of. This show is a reminder that people can be evil. We live in a scary world, but you can find the light in any situation just as June does.

Last night was the season 2 finale. It, of course, ending on a cliffhanger. Not sure when we will be getting season 3, but I can't wait. According to Digital Spy, we could expect the new season by next May.