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Between all things 2020... a pandemic, an election, hurricanes, etc... I am in full support of adult frolicking! You may ask, 'What is frolicking?' Good question! A quick Google search says it's, 'playing or moving about cheerfully, excitedly, or energetically' when used as a verb. As a noun, it's defined as a 'playful action or movement.' As an adjective, it's 'cheerful, merry, or playful.' I'm in full support of all of those things in 2020. In fact, I'm suspect of anyone who isn't!

That is why I took it upon myself to frolic in an open meadow along Horsetooth Reservoir on Horsetooth Mountain outside of Fort Collins, Colorado last month. Granted, my frolicking isn't quite as graceful as @AshyMalik's, but I'm getting better. I think to really get the most out of frolicking, you have to feel comfortable and let go. That's the funny thing about stress release, you have to actually learn how to do it. I'm so glad I'm on my way! Want to join me?


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