If you thought your friends and family in other states were as fortunate (note: sarcasm) as you to receive so many robocalls, you can go ahead and think again.

Consumer Reports notes that Louisiana is the robocall capital of the country. Consumer Reports had the robotracking company, YouMail, conduct a national survey, and they found that people in Louisiana get an average of 30 (!) robocalls a month. Sound familiar?

[I actually got a robocall as I was typing this story!]

Thankfully, Acadiana doesn't have it as bad as Baton Rouge, who is averaging 50 robocalls per person per month.

YouMail CEO Alex Quilici couldn't put an exact pin on why we are getting so many robocalls, however he has a few ideas. One is we're too damn polite in the south!

It's your good old southern hospitality," he says. "People in the South answer their phones more. And, if you've got scammers on the other end, they're just going to call you more. The second is the economics in the South right now. The area's not necessarily doing quite as well as some of the other places in the  country. That means you get more payment reminders, and also people who are more susceptible to scams.

At almost 40%, scammers make up the majority of robocalls. Others include payment reminders, alerts, and telemarketing.

There is one place that is challenging Louisiana for the top spot.

"On a per-person basis, right now, it does seem like Louisiana is #1. But I think Washington, D.C. is #2, and sometimes it bounces back and forth."

Either way, it's, again, not the list that we want to be at the top of.

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