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If you've followed Willie Jones for any amount of time, you KNOW just how talented he is. The Shreveport native started getting national attention while competing on the X-Factor. Since then, he's slowly but surely been building a musical empire. His song "Down for It" was produced by Lamar Edwards, who has worked with the likes of Drake, Mac Miller and Jay-Z, and has been played on various services more than 7 million times. Rolling Stone wrote an article titled "Why Willie Jones is a Country Artist You Need to Know" in 2019. Now, he's poised to FINALLY hit that next level of success that so many in the industry have predicted.

Not only does Willie have a remix of his breakout hit "Down for It" featuring T.I. coming out on November 20th, but it's been announced that a full length album will be coming out in early 2021. Plus, barring any COVID interference, Jones is slated to play the Stagecoach festival in 2021 as well as play some major venues overseas in London, Berlin and Amsterdam.

His unique blend of country and hip-hop is refreshing and is grabbing the attention of fans globally. Us here in Shreveport have known for a while just how talented Willie is. But it's awesome to see him get some much positive press and attention worldwide. We wish Willie all the best of luck and success with his upcoming album. For all the latest on what Willie is up to, follow him on Twitter or Facebook.

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