The wife of the late Congressman-elect Luke Letlow is reportedly considering a run for the 5th Congressional district seat. USA Today Network reporter Greg Hilburn broke the story that 41-year-old Julia Letlow has been asked to run. ULM Political Science Professor Joshua Stockley said it is a personal decision for Julia Letlow.

“I think that is something that is weighing heavily on the mind of Julia Letlow. And it has to be her decision, is this something that she would really want to do, does she see herself in public service?” said Stockley.

It wouldn’t be a first for Louisiana, in 1973 Lindy Boggs successfully ran for her late husband’s, Hale Boggs, Congressional seat.

Stockley said former Congressman Ralph Abraham is also a possibility to run for the seat, even though he’s publicly stated he’s retired from Congress.

“If he decides to run again it would just be a foolish effort for anybody to challenge him. If he decides to sit out, then I certainly expect a wide-open playing field of Republican challengers,” said Stockley.

Stockley said if Julia Letlow does run, the campaigns of her opponents will take on a different tone.

“There’s going to be a very difficult strategical maneuver here

because a challenger does not want to be unsympathetic to Julia Letlow and her tragic loss,” said Stockley.

Qualifying for the March 20th special election is January 20th through the 22nd.

(Story written by Brooke Thorington/Louisiana Radio Network)

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