One of the best late night TV game shows has to be Jimmy Fallon's Whisper Challenge on The Tonight Show. This week, guest Will Ferrell took the challenge, and it got kind of weird.

First, Ferrell told Fallon that he had "very readable lips", but it got weirder after that. Because when Ferrell got the card, he went off script a little for "Baby Yoda".

But a little further in, Ferrell went rouge again, and tried to get Fallon to join his cult. But not just any cult, a cult devoted to friend of Shreveport, and former Geek'd Con guest Jonathan Lipnicki. Watch the weirdness here.

Lipnicki came to town for Shreveport's comic con, Geek'd Con, in 2018. He's known for his roles in movies like Jerry Maguire, Stuart Little 1 & 2, Like Mike, and the movie Ferrell mentioned in his rant, The Little Vampire.

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