New Orleans Saints v Carolina Panthers
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The New Orleans Police Department has finally admitted that former Saints stand out Will Smith had a loaded gun in his car the day he was shot. Legal analyst Chick Foret says that could change the entire dynamic of the case and help Cardell Hayes' claims that he was not the aggressor. "The defense attorney, John Fuller has been saying that since Sunday. The N.O.P.D. has been evasive at best."

Further clouding the narrative of Hayes as the aggressor is video that may show it was Smith who rear ended Hayes and then took off, and reports that Hayes called 911 and was on the phone reporting the hit and run right before the fatal altercation took place. At least one witness has said that Smith told Hayes he was going to get his gun just moments before Hayes opened fire.

Police still have scores of witnesses to interview and more video to round up from street cameras and cell phones.  Foret says those will likely be the key to finding out what really happened, and that the perspective may continue to evolve as more facts become known. "We actually found out there was a third gun. There was another gun in Mr. Hayes' vehicle. So there are a lot of facts that have yet to be determined.", Foret said.

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