In a media world where crime and negativity rules the headlines, it's awesome to be able to share a story like this.

A couple of months ago, this was just another negative story. I'm sure you remember what happened at Southwood High School back in September, but if not, here's a brief recap. 23 students were arrested over a three-day period following a monstrous brawl on campus. It was a horrible story, to say the least. I remember writing the article and genuinely thinking that Southwood had lost control and they might never get it back.

Boy, was I wrong.

Shortly after the brawl heard 'round the world, a group of dads got together with a mission to turn the tide on campus. A group of about 40 dads showed up on campus in September, and things haven't been the same since... In a good way. The fighting is gone at Southwood, and in just a couple of months, the 'Dads on Duty' were able to completely turn around the atmosphere at Southwood. Their story was covered by CBS recently, and it quickly became CBS's most-watched video of the year on Facebook.

One of the many people who watched that clip just so happened to be world-renowned actor Will Smith. Will was so impressed by the 'Dads on Duty', he shared the story on his Instagram account. Now, he's doing something awesome for the entire school.

My friend Domonique Benn with KSLA was the first to report this, but the story is so greatI just couldn't resist trying to help get the word out. On Friday of this week, Will Smith is sending the entire student body to the movies, where they'll watch the first showing of his new movie, "King Richard".

Bravo to the Dads on Duty, to Will Smith, and to the students at Southwood for coming together to turn a negative story into one of the best stories of the year.

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