Willie Nelson really knows how to charm the ladies — even the most cantankerous ones. The country legend appears on the season finale of The Muppets, airing March 1, cheering up Miss Piggy after she ends up in the hospital after a fall.

The multi-talented porcine puppet takes the old showbiz adage "Break a leg" a bit too literally while rehearsing a dance number for her show, Up Late, landing in the hospital. Not surprisingly, the sassy star ends up being a less-than-ideal patient, leading to the title for the season-ending episode, "Generally Inhospitable."

Piggy and her longtime love, Kermit, ended their relationship before The Muppets went on the air last fall, after being together since their original run on The Muppet Show from 1976-1981. But according to Rolling Stone, the season finale sees them re-evaluating their relationship after Kermit brings the crew together to broadcast the show from the hospital. Nelson guest stars as himself, singing his signature song, "On the Road Again," with accompaniment from the Up Late house band, Electric Mayhem, which consists entirely of muppets.

Nelson shared the photo above to Instagram after taping the show.

Miss Piggy introduces the 82-year-old country icon in his appearance, saying, "And now, a man kind enough to visit, even though they wouldn't validate his parking — please welcome Mr. Willie Nelson!"

"Hi Piggy," Nelson says. "Looks like you could use a little cheering up, darlin'." Sporting his trademark bandana and playing his battered old guitar, Trigger, Nelson performs the country classic with gusto, as the muppet band and Piggy sing along and the staff and other patients gather to watch.

Jack White also makes a guest appearance in the final episode of the season, which airs on Tuesday (March 1) at 8PM ET on ABC.

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