I've been catching up to everyone else lately using OnDemand to watch NBC's This Is Us. When you watch shows OnDemand, they show limited commercials and one that has been popping up lately is one I hadn't seen before... it's about Barbie!

I was huge Barbie fan as a girl. I had Barbie everything and some of my favorite toys were Barbie's Corvette, her horse and her Dreamhouse! In fact, when my mom told me she had thrown my Dreamhouse out when I left for college, I held a grudge for a while... Don't judge me!

Over the years, a lot of folks have complained about Barbie. She's too pretty, her proportions are unrealistic and foster body image issues, etc... Sure, she is gorgeous, but if you're like Barbie, you can do anything! Sure, they have Barbie dolls with glasses and in every ethnicity under the sun, they just don't have a Barbie that's not skinny, but frankly, smaller folks have an advantage every day in the real world, so I'm not offended. I'm a juicy sized girl and I get by just fine.

Okay, back to my point, I've been catching up on This Is Us and I keep seeing this Barbie commercial. I went to find it online and it turns out that it's been out for a while. Even though I'm late to the party, I'd still like to congratulate Barbie and Mattel for encouraging girls to dream big! Thank you!

So now you know my secret, I was late to the party with Barbie AND This Is Us! Don't tell anybody! P.S. Can you believe Kate is pregnant?!?!?

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