This former Wizarding World of Harry Potter employee spilled the beans about one of the world's biggest attractions and we now love it even more.

Although I was late to the game in reading the Harry Potter series (just finished them all last year), I know how big these books have been in the lives of people all across the globe. Why else would they build Harry Potter World in Orlando? It's a major brand that continues to delight and awe even though The Sorcerer's Stone was first published two decades ago.

Recently on Reddit, a former employee using the handle tabathafortis, hosted an AMA (ask me anything) about her experiences behind the scenes at the famous park.

Although her profile has since been deleted, and we hope this isn't a sign of misinformation or her doing something against company policy, we still got some juicy information. This was compiled in a slideshow posted on called "17 Things You Never Knew About the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, From a Former Employee." Of those 17 things, I pulled out my three favorite and listed them below.

Best Time to Go: According to this employee, the best times to go to the World of Harry Potter are either the first week in December or the last week in January. To break it down even further, you should go early in the morning. If you're staying on property, opt for early park admission and head straight to Diagon Alley. This portion fills up the fastest.

Student's Robes: Employees working at the Forbidden Journey wear student robes and a house vest, but those may not be the houses the Sorting Hat chose for them. This employee said they could pick their own vest, but it mostly came down to size. When it was her time to choose it seemed that all the Hufflepuff vests were small and all of the Ravenclaw vests were like 4X.

Lots of Tears: Some people just can't curb their enthusiasm when it comes to HP and company. This employee said there was rarely a shift where she didn't see at least one person getting emotional. The park is also a popular place for marriage proposals so bring on the water works.

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