Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial kickoff to summer in the south when everyone starts hitting the pool, lakes, etc... and it always brings out the crazies... But is there anything crazier, or grosser, than this?

I can't help but wonder the same thing as these two women commenting in the background... Is she going to try and shave her private parts? Is there anything more distasteful that personal grooming in a public space? Seriously, who wants to swim in water with someone else's hair trimmings?!?!?

I've seen some gross stuff before, like baby diapers leaking at the pool, folks peeing in the water, used band aids, etc... but this takes the cake... She's old enough to know better! Most of the stuff I mentioned below was perpetrated by children. This is why I don't swim in public pools and I'll never step foot in a hot tub...

Have you seen anything like this before at a public pool? Sound off in the comments section below!

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