The idea that someone would choose to steal from a business that was damaged by Hurricane Delta simply turns my stomach. There aren't many non-violent crimes that reach this level of despicable in my book, but looting certainly does.

According to a report on KLFY TV 10's website, Lafayette Police arrested a 25-year-old woman on charges that she entered the damaged Walgreen's Drug Store on Johnston Street in the hours after midnight on Saturday morning. Police say that Meah Morgan Effie Basco confessed to entering the business through the front doors of the store that were broken by the hurricane's damaging winds.

According to the police report, Basco left the store with a handful of items. She then returned to the store several hours later to confess her actions. Basco has been charged with one count of looting. Lafayette Police say they are reviewing security footage from the store to see if Basco acted alone or if others attempted to steal from the business during the immediate aftermath of the storm.


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