A woman claims she was recently escorted off a flight from Toronto, Canada, to Dallas, Texas, due to her "explicit" look. However, the flight crew tell an entirely different story.

Model Mary Magdalene, 25, claims she was attempting to travel from Toronto to Dallas on May 31 when she was "dehumanized" after being asked to leave her $5,000 flight due to her alternative appearance.

Sharing her story on Instagram, Magdalene posted a series of photos showing her travel day outfit, which includes leggings and a sports bra.

Magdalene explained her side of the story in one of the captions, alleging the crew kicked her off the flight because she looked "too explicit." The model's appearance includes many tattoos and cosmetic enhancements.

"I was kicked off the flight for how I look. Please stop discrimination. Please, this is disgusting. I feel so embarrassed and dehumanized right now. You guys have no idea," the model captioned one of her posts.

"Obviously [my outfit] is why she kicked me off because I look too explicit. But that's not legal, so she had to say it's because I was sleeping and wouldn't hear her," the influencer alleged.

In a series of follow-up posts, Magdalene revealed she eventually safely made her way to Dallas, but plans to take legal action against the airline.

Writing to her 111,000 Instagram followers, she shared, "I do not get how some people are saying it's okay that I would get kicked off for what I'm wearing. The point is that the same rules need to apply to everyone!"

Magdalene continued: "It's not right to pick and choose who the rules apply to based on appearance/body type. Discrimination of any kind is not a nice feeling for anyone. If a small-chested girl wore the exact same thing, they would not say anything."

Per The Mirror, however, the airline claims Magdalene was only escorted off the flight after not listening to instructions from the flight attendant when she refused to remove her headphones.

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