After a shark washed up on the shore, a friendly beachgoer decided to take things into her own hands to ensure the safety of the sea creature.

Check out the video posted to Twitter by @TheSun below

A small sharked washed up onto a rock and was seemingly stranded, until one young lady literally grabbed the shark and carried it back into the ocean.

Once the woman was in a safe spot in the shallow waves, she gently placed the small shark back into the crashing waves so that it could swim back into the ocean.

Yes - I am one of those people with an irrational fear of sharks. I guess I watched 'JAWS' at a young age and was scarred since. And yes, this is a very small shark. But, I still would not be the one to grab this shark by its back and send it back into the ocean.

I commend the young lady, who had way more courage than I ever would have, for getting this shark back to its home safely.

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