You know you've got issues when crashing into a gas station convenience store isn't the most memorable part of your day.

A woman in New York City recently rammed her Kia SUV into the convenience store at a Mobil service station. That's bad enough, but things went from suck to blow when she spotted a passerby taking video and unloaded on him with a verbal lashing with some NSFW language.

She then chased the man and his companion down the road, for good measure, and looked like she grabs something -- a walker? -- which she uses to chase them down the street a second time.

We get that the woman is probably stressed out after being in what looks like a messy accident. Heck, Jake from State Farm isn't about to show up and magically make everything better for her. But she needs to realize that when people see a car in a store they're going to take video, even though she's now in phase one of getting dropped from her insurance carrier. It's the world we live in.

She ought to just be grateful she wasn't behind the wheel for this calamity. Who knows how she would've reacted?

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