A Texas woman is likely facing serious charges after she tosses a huge bowl of soup in a restaurant manager's face. The woman in Temple, Texas brings the Styrofoam cup of soup up to the counter to show the manager that the soup was so hot it burned the plastic lid.

Apparently the customer did not get the answer she wanted. You can see her pick up the large cup of soup and toss it into the face of the employee. Luckily, the soup had cooled off some, so the clerk was not hurt.

Temple police say criminal charges are pending against the woman who threw the soup at a Sol De Jalisco location in Temple. This incident happened at about 1:30 p.m. on November 7.

I simply don't understand how someone can get so upset by a cup of soup? I think anger management might be in this woman's future.

KCEN reports this incident has made an impact on this restaurant's business.

Ever since the soup throw-down, Ryan Leamer, a server at Sol De Jalisco, says there's more traffic.

"It's picked up in consideration like on a year-to-year basis and people definitely have been coming through just to ask questions," he explained.

Once she has been identified, the woman will be banned from the restaurant.

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