For every superhero, there is a season — turn, turn, turn. As Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 hits theaters today following months of anticipation, America now turns our gnat-like attention spans to the next big super-release. In about a month, we’ll have another cape-free caper, with Wonder Woman scheduled for June 2. And while we’ve all had time to gape at the trailers and posters and Instagram posts from those on set, we still have yet to actually glimpse any in-context footage. Until now, that is!

Warner Bros. and DC have unveiled the first clip from Wonder Woman, shown in part during the trailer but now in an unexpurgated form online. In the video above, Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) and her companion Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) run afoul of some thugs in an alley, who quickly pull pistols on the pair. Steve moves to protect Diana, but she quickly turns the tables when she deflects a bullet headed straight for his chest. She then dispatches the rest of their assailants in short order, stopping bullets left and right with her enchanted wrist-plates. Steve puts a button on the scene with the requisite one-liner, and they’re off.

It’s tightly choreographed and everything, and not to be that guy, but I have to take issue with one aspect of the scene. Diana‘s wrist-plates are indestructible, but they are still on her wrists. If any of these hoopleheads had just thought to aim slightly away from wrist-level, Diana would be done for! The wrist is such a small area of the body, and that’s really all the protection Wonder Woman has! It’s like they say on Archer, “A bulletproof vest will protect you. I mean, the area of your body covered by a vest. It’s a vest.”

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