I'm pretty careful about making sure I have gas in the car to avoid any problems on the road, but this weekend I let the tank drop to empty and my car shows I have only 5 miles left to go. I will have to fuel up asap. I'm not interested in testing the car to see how far it can go.

But this did get me wondering what are the worst spots in the area to run out of gas.

What Are Some of the Worst Places in the Area to Run Out of Gas?

I think I-49 south of the Southern Loop would be one of the worst spots. You would have to trek for several miles to find a gas station. Highway 3 north of Benton would also be a problem area. There's not much out that way between Benton and Plain Dealing.

Highway 1 headed toward Oil City north of Blanchard would also give you lots of headaches. You could also say the same for Highway 71 out near Gilliam. You would not want to run out of gas on that stretch. It would also be a nightmare to run out of gas on Highway 84 west of I-49 headed toward Mansfield. You won't find too many spots to top off the tank on that section of roadway.

But if you have to pick the 5 places in the Shreveport Bossier metro, those choices were pretty easy. I'm sure I've left some off of the list. What spots would be on your list?

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