Recently one of my favorite Youtube shows, Buzzfeed, bought a haunted doll to see what would happen. She got that doll on Ebay. Check out the video below how it turned out for this girl.

Now in the video she mentions that there are hundreds of dolls on Ebay. I was skeptical about this. My mother was the champion of Ebay in our household. She would find things the coolest stuff and then was obsessed with the bidding process. She thought it was fun when she got caught up in a bid war. Nonetheless, she never once mentioned the smorgasbord of haunted antique dolls that lived there.

So I decided to do some investigating. Turns out they were right. There are hundreds of these "haunted dolls" with different stories of spirits allegedly attached to them. There prices range from $15 to $140. Does the price vary based on the amount of ghostly activity? That I don't know. But if you decide to go shopping for a haunted doll, let me warn you now that these dolls are super creepy, but then again I am not a fan of porcelain dolls anyway.

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