If your bucket lists contains an entry with 'driving a tank and blowing stuff' up then you need to head to Uvalde and get ready to mark this off your list!

With the wide open spaces of South Texas, this is just about a prime location as any because when you're firing 76mm live rounds out of the barrel of a Sherman tank, it's gonna go pretty far and it's gonna be loud! While watching NightLine on ABC the other night they profiled DriveTanks.com, a facility that allows users to drive tanks, fire the cannon of a tank, shoot the big artillery guns along with other weapons that you see used by the military.

While driving I-20, Airline Dr., Youree Dr., Bert Kouns, Spring St. downtown, we have all pretty much thought about running over some other car that's in our way with a tank, well, you can do just that at Drive Tanks on the Ox Ranch! These guys have a ton of different packages available for anyone to purchase ranging from about $300 to $30,000. So if you've ever thought about running over a car in a tank, you can do that for as little as $999.00!

Drive Tanks feature real tanks from the U.S., Russia, Germany from World War II. From their website, they have pictures of their fleet of modern day tanks which you can drive from Czechoslovakia, Britian and West Germany. If you just want to blow stuff up you can do that by purchasing a package that includes firing off rounds from German anti-tank guns, artillery guns and mortars.

The concept of this unique facility was created by a former Houston police officer and green beret, Todd DeGidio. Todd and his team will prepare you on driving your tank through an obstacle course just as they did for ABC's Clayton Sandell from NightLine.

So, if you're dream or bucket list involves tanks and blowing stuff up, this just might be the option for you!

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