When I was in my fumbling baby giraffe stage in college (also known as the beginning of your freshman year) I stumbled upon this website. It is called RateMyProfessors.com This website helped me tremendously when I was registering my classes for different semesters.

The website allowed me to see which teacher graded harder, who preferred to use the text book for tests or who created their tests straight from notes taken in the class. You can also see comments from previous students which also allowed me to get a heads up on  the professor's teaching style. I am a visual learner, so the website gave me the insight of which professor would be best for me. Now if you use the site as well or maybe have in the past expect a few changes being made.

According to Buzzfeed, professors find that their "Hot" rating portion of the website was sexist and creepy. Some even used it as an example to discuss with high school students "how difficult it is for female professors as we are often scrutinized and criticized for our appearance (including attire) much more than male professors are." You can see the teacher's full post here. So RateMyProfessors.com decided to take it down.

Just to fill you in on how long this website has been around, MTV created in back in 1999.

I never really gave the hotness ratings any attention, but hey at least the website was willing to listen to the professors about their concerns and do something about it. So that pretty cool.

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