I thought it was a joke when I saw the story that you could actually purchase a pair of shoes made from recycled gum. I was very wrong.

According to the Good News Network, an Amsterdam company called Explicit Wear have found a way to use gum in the soles of shoes. Apparently there is an issue with gum litter in the streets of Amsterdam.

About 3.3 million pounds of gum are left on the streets. That is would seriously do some damage to your jaws if you tried to chew all of that in one sitting. Apparently it takes 2.2 pounds to make four pairs of gum shoes.

They achieve this mind blowing creation by changing the synthetic structure of the gum left behind by strangers into a new form of plastic called gum-tec.I think this is so cool! Imagine if we started using the litter left in the streets for clothing that would then be given to the homeless. It would help out so many people and our planet at the same time. BTW you can purchase them for $232 here.