According to KLTV, you can now get hitched at Taco Bell starting this summer.

For just $600 you will get Taco Bell themed wedding essentials: a bow tie, a garter, a wedding bouquet made of sauce packets wedding and champagne flutes. That also covers the entire ceremony, 12 taco pack, and a Cinnabon Delights wedding cake, and two just married t-shirts.

To kick off this new menu item, that's right it is on the menu, with a contest called Love & Tacos. You can get the information about the contest here.

Over the past two-three years, I have had tons of friends get married. I have seen them plan every detail intensely, and spend so much money doing so. I have seen them argue about place settings and setting arrangements to the point where it almost canceled the wedding.

If I were to ever get married, I want something small and intimate. I think the less money and planning you have to do will keep it easy and chill, but what is more chill than Taco Bell? If I had to pick which restaurant I would get married at it would be Zaxby's in Shreveport.


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