Which comment is your favorite?

Earlier today, i decided to have some fun with our awesome followers on Facebook. Here in Shreveport, we are known for many things. I wanted to figure out exactly what YOU think we're known for, and you did not disappoint.

It's a simple fill in the blank... You know you're from Shreveport when _____.

So many of our amazing listeners contributed some hilarious responses, so I wanted to share a few of my favorites and invite you to add your own!

Brittany says you know you're from Shreveport, "When your water bill is higher than your car note". Preach girl.

James Michael says, "When you know what I mean when I say "the cheetos and M&M car". Everyone knows that car, so true!

Cain says, "When you have to ask yourself "was that a pothole or did someone shoot the car?" Both options are legitimate possibilities, Cain.

Feel free to click the embedded link below and join the fun!



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