Let me give you more "good news."

A couple of young folks protesting racial injustice in Philadelphia did their part during the protests to bring people together.

How did they do this? The group dragged a portable basketball goal around the city and allowed folks to come together in a quick pickup game of basketball.

You can see in the photos that there was no aggression and everyone, including police, came together for some fun during the tense time in the city.

We have all seen the riots and looting in major cities around the country, but what we don't see enough of in the media are stories like this. Americans exercising their constitutional rights the right way!

We need to applaud these young people for doing this. Not only did they "think outside the botx" during these protests, but they also took people's feelings into consideration.

Even if it was for just a few minutes, the basketball goal they brought into the city allowed people to ease their mind and more importantly eased the tension during such a volatile time in American history.

Here are more photos and video of people coming together in Philadelphia during the protests surrounding the death of George Floyd.

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