Sometimes you see a video that simply gives you chills. This is one of those videos.

For those who don't know, I received the amazing privilege last year to spend a week in Parris Island, SC, to live and train with our Marines.

It was, easily, the greatest experience I've had in nearly 10 years on the radio in Shreveport. Naturally, I now feel as though I have a small, but meaningful connection with the Marines especially those I've gotten close with here in Shreveport.

One of the greatest Marines I know, SSgt. Efrain Broutan, shared a heartwarming video on Facebook that I felt compelled to share.

A young man, most likely a future marine, showed up to Shreveport's Marine recruiting office to give the Marines and recruits on-site a patriotic treat.

The little guy quickly and accurately sang the Marine's Hymn. SSgt. Broutan also says that the little guy knew all three verses.

How amazing is this?



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